2019.05.24. Friday Live Workshop

Live Workshop: 13:00~17:00 (Operating Room 9F/Lecture Room 13F)
SNM: Sacral neuromodulationEthem Gecim, Sung H. Hwang
VAAFT or EPSiTEthem Gecim
LIFTArun Rojanasakul
TSTYoung Hwa Kim, Sung H. Hwang

2019.05.25. Saturday Symposium

8:55~9:00Opening Remarks
Session 1How I do it Hemorrhoids surgery
9:00~9:20Hemorrhoids surgery : Past-Present-FutureDo Yeon Hwang
9:20~9:30Hemorrhoids surgery in GUT HospitalYoung Hwa Kim
9:30~9:35TST for hemorrhoids in Hangun HospitalHyeon Seok Jeong
9:35~9:45How I do it: Surgery for HemorrhoidsRoland Scherer
9:45~9:55Hemorrhoids surgery in Cisanello Hospital Gabriele Naldini
9:55~10:05Hemorrhoids surgery in Sun Yat-Sen Univ. hospital Dong-Lin Ren
10:05~10:15Hemorrhoids surgery in Hidaka Coloproctology Clinic Gen Hidaka
10:30~10:40Break time 
Session 2Anal Fistula
10:40~11:00The new horizons of anal fistula treatmentEthem Gecim
11:00~11:20Milestone of the LIFT procedure.Arun Rojanasakul
11:20~11:40Complex Obstetric Fistula treatment in Africa: A case presentation at Gynocare Fistula Center.Hillary Mabeya
11:40~12:00Treatment of Rectovaginal fistulaDong-Lin Ren
12:00~12:20The treatment of perianal fistula in Crohn's diseaseHyoung Rae Kim
12:20~13:10Luncheon symposium : Dedicated clinic for pelvic floor disorders & novel option of treatment Ung Chae Park
Session 3Pelvic Organ Prolapse
13:10~13:30Rectal mucosa sleeve resection and transverse perineal support operationFrancesco Dr. Cantarella
13:30~13:50Altemeier's operationGyung Mo Son
13:50~14:10Ventral rectopexyDoo Seok Lee
14:10~14:30Treatment algorithm for external rectal prolapseRoland Scherer
14:30~14:50Gant Miwa operation for Rectal Prolapse in Hidaka Coloproctology ClinicRyota Fukunaga
14:50~15:00Break time 
Session 4Obstructed Defecation Syndrome
15:00~15:15Treatment of rectocele and incomplete rectal prolapse in Hangun hospital In Seob Jeong
15:15~15:35Obstructed Defecation SyndromeShota Takano
15:35~15:55Obstructed Defecation SyndromeGabriele Naldini
15:55~16:10Obstructed Defecation SyndromeHyun Un Cho
Session 5Fecal Incontinence
16:10~16:30New research for treatment of fecal incontinence after rectal cancer surgerySung-Bum Kang
16:30~16:50Dynamic graciloplastyEthem Gecim
16:50~17:10Surgical perspectives in the treatment of Fecal Incontinence Shota Takano
17:10~17:30Cell-Assisted Lipotransfer in the treatment of Fecal IncontinenceSung H. Hwang
17:30~17:40Closing Remarks & Group photography