2023.05.20. Saturday Symposium

Session I. 1'55" Video Session: How I do it.
8:45 15" Anal Fistula surgery in my clinic - Seton Sunchil Lee
9:00 15" Anal Fisula surgery in my clinic Young Hwa Kim
9:15 15" Anal Fistula surgery in my clinic Hyeon Un Cho
9:30 15" Anal Fistula surgery in my clinic Yun Gwon Ha
9:45 15" Anal Fistula surgery in my clinic Tae Soon Lee
10:00 15" Anal Fistula surgery in my clinic Jin Hidaka
10:15 25" Special lecture: Management of complex anal fistulas Lilli Lundby
10:40 15" coffee break
Session II. 2'20" Session II.International Expert’s experience
10:55 20" Clinical and instrumental assessment of anal fistula (Italy) Carlo Ratto
11:15 20" How to drain perianal abscess Jin Hidaka
11:35 20" Tips and tricks for finding the primary opening of an fistula Vincent De Parades
11:55 20" Fistulotomy, and how to repair after fistulectomy Francis SeowChoen
12:15 20" Complex anal fistula (China) DongLin Ren
12:35 20" European Guideline and emerging techniques (U.K.) Yasuko Maeda
12:55 20" Japanese Guideline and sphincter preserving surgery (Japan) Tetsuo Yamana
13:05 60" Live Workshop
Session III. 1' Special issue I.
14:05 20" Laser procedure for anal fistula. “Business or reality” (France) Vincent De Parades
14:25 20" Complex anal fistula: when everything failed Gabriele Naldini
14:45 20" How to repair Rectovaginal fisula in Sun Yat-sen University Hospital DongLin Ren
15:05 15" coffee break
Session III. 1'40" Special issue II.
15:20 20" Experience of Crohn’s fistula treatment in Takano Hospital Shota Takano
15:40 20" Experience of Crohn’s fistula treatment in Hangun Hospital Hyoung Rae Kim
16:00 20" Microfragmented autologous adipose tissue injection in complex fistula Alessandro Sturiale
16:20 20" Cell Assisted Lipotransfer in treating refractory complex anal fistula Inseob Jeong
16:40 20" Allogenic mesenchymal stem cell injection in treating Crohn’s anal fistula Nadia Fathallah
17:00 End

2023.05.21. Sunday Symposium
8:00 25" Special lecture: Overview in treating fecal incontinence Yasuko Maeda
Session I. 1'20" Approach to Fecal Incontinence:
8:25 20" Normal bowel movement and Pelvic floor anatomy associated with F.I. Hyeon Min Cho
8:45 20" Practical assessment of fecal incontinence Byung Soo Park
9:05 20" Preoperative Functional & Radiologic work-up Han Deok Kwak
9:25 20" Conservative management, minimally invasive treatment. of Fecal Incontinence Shota Takano
9:45 15" coffee break
Session II. 1'20" Specific disease entities causing fecal incontinence
10:00 20" Rectal prolapse – ventral rectopexy Dooseok Lee
10:20 20" LARS (Low anterior resection syndrome) Carlo Ratto
10:40 20" Dual incontinence: Perineal approach and Laparoscopic approach Sung Hwan Hwang
11:00 20" Double incontinence due to Complex Pelvic Organ Prolapse:
: Advantages of Robotic Approach
Gabriele Nardini
11:20 15" coffee break
Session III. 1'20" Surgical options for fecal incontinence
11:35 20" Sphincter repair (Sphincter repair/ Sphincteroplasty) Tetsuo Yamana
11:55 20" Sphincter replacement – is it available still now? Francis SeowChoen
12:15 20" Injectables: Gatekeeper – self-expandable inert Hyexpan Carlo Ratto
12:35 20" Colostomy and MACE in case of treatment failure – When and How In Seob Jeong
12:55 15" Lunch
Session IV. 1' Stimulation – Sacral Neuromodulation
13:55 20" How does it work. Kyung Ha Lee
14:15 20" Lead placement, IPG insertion, and program setting Hyeon Seok Jeong
14:35 20" Long-term outcome and complication of SNM Lilli Lundby
14:55 15" coffee break
Session V. 1' Cell therapyin treating fecal incontinence: indication, how I do it and results
15:10 20" Microfragmented autologous adipose tissue injection Alessandro Sturiale
15:30 20" Autologous fat grafts for soiling and fecal incontinence Lilli Lundby
15:50 20" Cell therapy combined with SNM SungHwan Hwang
16:10 15" coffee break
Session VI. 1'20" Wrap up
16:25 20" Japanese Surgical Treatment Guidelines for Fecal Incontinence Tetsuo Yamana.
16:45 20" Italian Guidelines for Fecal Incontinence Carlo Ratto
17:05 20" Update of European Guidelines for Fecal Incontinence Yasuko Maeda

A critical analysis of fecal incontinence guidelines:
Are they really applicable in everyday clinical practice?

Gabriele Naldini

17:45 End