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Welcome to SERAF

Dear Colleagues

I am delighted to announce the SERAF 2019 meeting on “Benign Anorectal Disease and Pelvic Floor Disorder,” which will be held May 24-25, 2019 in Busan, South Korea.

The goal of SERAF is to help lead our profession to excellence through the pursuit of: 1) advances in surgical practice; 2) standardization in surgical techniques; and 3) the recruitment of future leaders in our field. As before, we will also devote time to live surgery and hold a symposium on benign anorectal disease and pelvic floor disorder. We will share our expertise and clinical experiences in both the basics and advanced surgical methods.

Experienced colorectal surgeons from around the world will participate, including Arun Rosanasakul (Thailand), Ethem Gecim (Turkey), Dong Lin Ren (China), Li Han-Rong(China), Gabriele Naldini, Francesco Canyarelia (Italy), Roland Scherer (Germany), Hillary Mabeya (Kenya), and Shota Takano, Gen Hidaka, Ryota Fukunaga (Japan), best Korean Surgeons and among others. I truly believe SERAF 20190 will be a highly rewarding experience for all participants. In addition, we will take time for interaction and building friendship between East and West. Performances of Korean traditional music and entertainment will welcome everybody as well. We look forward to sharing our respective academic journeys and deepening our collegial relationship.


Sung Hwan Hwang Sung Hwan Hwang

Chairman of SERAF/
Chief of Hangun Hospital,
Hangun Hospital Bumcheon Campus